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Personal Services

Individual Tax Services

Federal and State income tax rules are constantly changing.  Our team stays up to date with the latest legislative developments that may impact you.  We share proven tax saving strategies to help you lower tax and better manage when you pay your tax.  We also pride ourselves in providing clients with relevant and timely communication.  

Below is a list of typical individual tax services that we provide:

  • Preparation of federal and state individual and trust returns

  • Preparation of quarterly tax calculations and payment vouchers 

  • Performing credits and incentives analysis

  • Review of prior year returns for tax saving opportunities

  • Preparation of mid year and year end tax projections

  • Real Estate Transaction Planning: Like Kind Exchanges / Involuntary Conversions / Sale Lease Back / Etc.

  • Charitable Giving Planning

Law Firm Services

Law firms operating in multiple tax jurisdictions have to navigate a variety of unique federal and state tax issues.  We understand these issues and can help both law firms and their owners maximize tax credits and other incentives that are available to them at both the state and federal level. 

Below is a list of typical attorney services that we can provide:

  • Assistance tracking partner basis, cost sharing and income allocations

  • Planning for the sale and redemption of owner interests

  • Performing credits and incentives analysis

  • Reviewing prior year returns for tax saving opportunities

  • Mid and year-end taxable earnings projections

  • Preparation of federal and state individual and trust returns

  • Preparation of partnership composite returns

  • Corporate structuring

  • Litigation Services

IRS and State Department of Revenue Representation

Working with the IRS can be intimidating and challenging.  We have many years of experience representing taxpayers before the IRS and State Departments of Revenue.  We will work with them on your behalf to address tax penalties, delinquencies, and any other issues you may be facing.  We have helped lower taxpayer assessments during IRS exam.  Most importantly, we help you prepare for a potential audit by building awareness of significant tax issues and helping you gather proper documentation.  

Trust and Estate

Whether you are preparing your own trust or estate plan or are the executor or trustee of a parent's estate or trust, we can help you plan ahead and take steps to achieve compliance.  

Elder Care

More than 65 million people (29% of the population) provide care for a chronically ill, disabled, or aged family member or friend (often at a distance).  We understand this is a time intensive task and we want to help.  


We can help you better manage cash, organize permanent documents, and ensure bills are paid on a timely basis.  Let us be your trusted partner in managing the tax and financial responsibilities.  

Below is a list of typical elder care services that we can provide:

  • Develop a customized budget and personal net worth analysis

  • Specialized tax preparation for aging clients

  • Monthly bank reconciliations and assistance executing financial transactions

  • Bill payment services (reviewing and paying household bills and budgeting and record keeping)

  • Preparation of monthly financial statements

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